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There's a long list of reasons why someone may be looking to sell their trailer or other used camping equipment. Maybe there's just not enough time anymore, or maybe it's a case of out with the old and in with the new. Whatever the reason, maybe you can capitalize on the opportunity! We'll use this page to tell you about any sale opportunities in the park.


Are you an Arkwright Hills Campground neighbor with something that you'd like to sell? Use the "Contact Us" page, Get in touch with management, or contact Jay on site A10 and we'll get it added to this page and we'll also put it in the newsletter.


To help us save time and provide a worthwhile service to both you and our neighbors, please be sure to include as much detailed information about the item as possible (make, model, color, size, etc.) and make sure that it is in good working condition. Any pictures you can provide will certainly help as well.

All sales are private between the owner and prospective buyer. Arkwright Hills Campground will not be held responsible for anything having to do with the price, sale, condition, or transferring of property to/from parties except to handle new owner's registration info and lot rent when applicable.

Arkwright Hills Campground

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